I’ve decided it’s time to let you know a little thing about myself
You’re probably tired of all this self promotion
You’re probably thinking yes, we know, you photograph weddings, children, families, engagements,
That is what you do
You will photograph us, gladly
But here is another little thing that I do
I photograph the world around me… as I see it
And one of those things is the sky
I guess you could say, I have a thing for the sky
I like being alone with it
I like watching it move and swirl and change color
I like feeling it in my face and singing up to it
I like twirling underneath
I like the way it bunches up
Before the rain streams down… in release
I like rainbows
And feeling like I’m already knee deep… in gold
I guess, as Forrest might say,
“I like it a lot…”