I want to say THANKS!

Thanks to all my fabulous clients! Thank you for putting your trust in me to capture the most important days of your life and those dearest to you. It is a gift to be allowed into your world and to create imagery that reflects who you are.
You are why I enjoy what I do.

Thanks to Rob Brinson, an amazing fashion photographer who I had the pleasure to work with for 5 years. Without my training with him I would not be the photographer I am today.

Thanks to the best girlfriends a woman could have. We are so sex in the city.
I love you.

Thanks to my amazing husband who loves me endlessly. Through all my imperfections.
Thank you for believing in me.

Thanks to my best friend, Michele, for growing up with me and turning 35 first!
Hey, Mitzi will always be the oldest!

Thanks to my sister friend Sarah who I treasure.

Thanks to my brother who rocks the house with his design work and who helped me start my business years ago.

Thanks to my super cool new sister-in-law Teneisha who bakes the best cupcakes in town.

Thanks to my parents who let me become an artist even though they both have PhDs!
Somehow I found my way but not without a lot of help from dear ole’ mom and dad.

Thanks to my brother from another mother, Jose, who takes me in when I need a break from the world.

Thanks to Pam who I love and should seriously get some sort of golden metal of honor for mother-in-law of the galaxy.

Thanks to my book club cronies… we may not read much but we sure enjoy those bottles of wine!

Thanks to my dog Jada for helping me through the lonely times.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends & family, without you life just would not be the same.

And thanks to my bean, Josey, who has completely rocked my world…and reminds me every day what matters most.